About us

Essential Law Office is a team of professional and highly experienced lawyers and consultants that provide services to leading Ukrainian and foreign companies and brands.

The history of company began in 2015 with its founding by the Luxembourg holding “Management Technologies Development Holding S.A.”. For years, “Essential law office” has provided comprehensive legal support to this large-scale holding company with representative offices in Cyprus, Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

After the transfer of corporate rights of “Essential law office” to Oleksandr Litynsky and Saida Agrba in 2017 a new milestone of its development began.

Currently, “Essential law office” cooperates closely with Ukrainian business structures and acts as experts on
corporate structuring and management of groups of companies.

Our team is proud of the successful long-term experience of cooperation with the companies conducting their activity in such business directions as: real estate, agro-industry, telecommunications, insurance, freight transportation, еtc. We provide advice to banking and financial institutions, as well as investment funds.


The main fields of legal practice of the company “Essential”:

• Corporate law;
• Real estate and construction;
• Intellectual Property;
• Tax law / international tax law;
• Land law;
• Antitrust and competition law;
• Banking and private law;
• Labor law;
• Relations with state bodies;
• Criminal cases
• Bankruptcy;
• Stock markets / Investments / Direct investments.