Migration affairs

Many citizens of the state, as well as the foreigners, have most likely encountered a problem connected to the work of the migration service. It concerns numerous documents and letters of confirmation from various state bodies. It touches upon the queues and problems with the documents since the slightest mistake may not just slow the process down but also cause such an undesired refusal to get the necessary documents.

That is why our company offers you its services. A positive result sure requires significant effort.

Migration law: explanation

Migration law regulates relations that emerge between the state authorities and the migrants regarding the exercise of their legal status during entry of the state, residence, stay on its territory, and exit from the country.

Migration attorney: assistance for the migrants

A migrant is a person who crosses a state or administrative-territorial border with or without the aim to change a place of residence. 

The law of Ukraine provides for the recognition of the legal status of different categories of migrants, particularly, the status of migrants, the status of foreigners or stateless persons, the status of persons granted asylum, the status of refugees, the status of repatriates, and the status of tourists-travelers.

The basis of the migration law of Ukraine is the freedom of movement of a person and a citizen. In compliance with the provisions of Article 33 of the Constitution of Ukraine, everyone, who legally stays in the territory of the state, is guaranteed the right to free movement, the right to choice of the place of residence, the right to freely leave the territory of Ukraine besides specific legally stipulated restrictions. The citizens of Ukraine cannot be deprived of the right to return to Ukraine at any given time.

Rights of the migrants: immigration attorney

Also, the Constitution stipulates equal rights for the citizens of Ukraine as well as for foreigners and persons who don’t have citizenship of Ukraine. People from other countries and without any citizenship, according to the law, have the right to free movement in the territory of the state, the right to religion, the right to inviolability of the home, and non-interference in the personal and family life. The right to free movement for stateless persons, foreigners, and refugees may be restricted in the order stipulated by the migration law of Ukraine, regarding: 

  • foreigners and stateless persons who have no legal grounds to stay in the territory of Ukraine;
  • foreigners who are a part of foreign military units and have a military status;
  • persons to whom restrictive measures involving limitation of liberty or imprisonment are applied to in compliance with the procedural legislation;   
  • persons who applied for refugee status or additional protection and concerning whom the decision was made to execute paperwork to resolve the issue of recognizing a person a refugee or a person who requires additional protection;
  • other cases provided for by the law.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine may impose restrictions on free movement (including entry and exit of the territory of Ukraine) for particular categories of people. Similarly, foreign states have the right to impose restrictions on the exercise of the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Ukraine. However, every restriction of rights and freedoms can take place exclusively on the grounds and in compliance with the procedure prescribed by the law. If you are sure that your rights are violated, turn to an immigration attorney who will immediately provide you with legal assistance.

The central executive power body that implements the state policy of Ukraine in the spheres of migration (immigration and emigration) including combating illegal (unlawful) migration, citizenship, registration of natural persons, refugees, and other legally specified categories of migrants is the Migration Service of Ukraine. Implementation of the migration policy is carried out on the grounds of the Law of Ukraine on Legal Status of the Foreigners and Stateless Persons, the Law of Ukraine on Migration, the Law of Ukraine on Border Control, the Law of Ukraine on External Labor Migration, the Law of Ukraine on the Order of Entry and Exit of the Territory of Ukraine of the Citizens of Ukraine. These laws regulate such aspects as the rights of the migrants, border crossing, emigration, and immigration procedures. They are complemented with other bylaws of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, other authorities such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Social Policy, and the State Border Service.

Migration attorney: representation of your interests

Our company and our competent migration attorney have provided qualified legal aid to the citizens of Ukraine who have moved abroad, as well as to foreigners, stateless persons, and refugees, for many years in the following categories of migration cases:

  • on challenging the decisions on denial of the immigration permit;
  • on contesting the decisions on the revocation of the immigration permit;
  • on opposing the decisions on the revocation of the temporary residence permit;
  • on denial to issue temporary residence documents; 
  • on denial to prolong the documents for the stay in the country; 
  • on appealing to the decisions on the reduction of a period of the temporary stay;
  • on forced return of a foreigner to the country of his citizenship;
  • on contesting the decisions, actions, or lack thereof of the bodies of the State Migration Service of Ukraine on the issues of access to public information;
  • on compulsory deportation of foreign citizens and stateless persons from the territory of Ukraine and the cases connected to it, particularly concerning detention (bail) and prolongation of a detention period, and other cases.

An expert who has experience in such cases always keeps track of the most recent amendments to the migration law that allows to significantly save time while obtaining necessary documents.

Emigration cases professional is the guarantee of:

  • clear and prompt resolution of the issues;
  • proper and timely gathered and filled-in documents;
  • qualified assistance and quick achievement of the desired result.